Celebrity actress “Pat” Naphapa faces money laundering charge - Phuket News

Celebrity actress “Pat” Naphapa faces money laundering charge

  • May 15 2017 05:3011 months ago

Celebrity actress Naphapa Tantrakul or Pat reported to summons by the Narcotics​ Suppression Bureau (NSB) today to face alleged money laundering charge.

Pat, accompanied by her lawyer, reported to NSB commissioner Pol Lt Gen Sommai Kongvisaisook this morning amid a hundred of news journalists waiting for her appearance after she failed to report to the summons last week.

Her lawyer said a 500,000 baht in cash was also prepared to post as bail for her temporary release if she is indicted of the money laundering charge in the Criminal Court today.

The NSB issued second summons after her earlier testimonies on the 1.9 million baht cash in her bank account remains suspecious after she could not clarify it’s origin clearly.

NSB investigators suspected the money was transferred to her by her husband Akkarakit Woraroj-Charoendej or Benz Racing from money laundering.

Benz is now charged with money laundering for his alleged involvement with the drug syndicate run by the detained Laotian drug baron Xaysana Keopimpha. But he is now freed on bail.

NSB commissioner said the celebrity would be escorted to the court for detention today, and whether she would be granted bail was up to the consideration of the court.

He said if only the celebrity would admit that the money was transferred to her by her husband, it would facilitate the investigation and make the process go quickly.

However her lawyer claimed it was money she earned from her entertainment activities, he said.

He said investigation showed that Benz Racing received the money from a drug suspect Nattapol Narkham or Boy, a member of Xaysana’s drug syndicate, and transferred into Pat’s bank account three months before both get married.

He said although Pat would deny, it was her right.

However the NSB has substantial evidence to indict her for money laundering conspiracy.


แพท ณปภา เข้าพบพนักงานสอบสวนบช.ปส.เพื่อรับทราบข้อหาร่วมกันฟอกเงิน,สมคบกันฟอกเงินแล้ว-ทนายเตรียมเงินสด5แสนขอประกันตัวในชั้นศาล pic.twitter.com/zn3clNXeAc

— Benjapot_ThaiPBS (@OHcrime_ThaiPBS) May 15, 2017

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