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Phuket Magazine Vol.28 No 1 - Online

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  • Apr 18 2017 03:541 year ago
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Phuket Magazine - Contents

10. Wat Tam Ta Pan’s weird vision of heaven & hell

Wat Tham Ta Pan is without doubt one of the most weirdly original temples in
southern Thailand. Located in Phang Nga Town approximately 100km northeast of
Phuket City, it offers a journey through Buddhist Heaven and Hell.

12. Promthep Cape’s amazing viewpoint

Promthep Cape provides visitors with one of the best vantage points to look out
over the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea while watching sail boats and other
pleasure craft meander along the coastline.

14. Experience the glory of Phang Nga Bay at Duck Ventura Park

Duck Ventura Park is a water park located on the open water with a gorgeous
surrounding beach area. It is a great place for entertaining tourists and locals
throughout the day as it can play host to a variety of festivals and events.

16. Bringing Stories to Life at the Grand Mercure

Just steps away from Patong’s nightlife, the Grand Mercure Phuket Patong
Resort & Villas is a serene hideaway tucked behind Phuket’s Andaman
seafront. The stories told within these walls engage the mind, captivate the
senses and enhance each guest’s experience

18. Rawai’s special spot for Wine Lovers

Phuket’s Wine Lovers Restaurant is a quintessentially elegant restaurant,
attracting both tourists and locals alike, offering an experience, which blends
the best of both worlds, introducing the concept of East meets West, through
its stunning decor and exotic cuisine.

28. Earn a ticket to a career on a superyacht with Galileo Maritime Academy

The Galileo Maritime Academy is quickly establishing a name for itself as the
“go-to” school in the region for those considering a career in the superyacht

30. Bay Regatta sails for 20th time

Under the able stewardship of Simon James and Kae Wattana, the Bay
Regatta set sail for the 20th time in mid-February. The “party that sails
around” continued to impress cruising through Phang Nga Bay’s stunning karst

36. Steak Lao continues to offer delicious food

Steak Lao has been operating for almost two decades now and continues
to offer up the same delicious fare it has long been known for, simple and
unpretentious—don’t expect 5-star service—but do expect delicious food
that lingers on the taste buds

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