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  • May 14 2017 18:038 months ago
Powerless.   You're in a situation where you do not have the opportunity to do something effective. you have different types of situations;   Situation 1: Your daughter, friend, sister, wife get something done by a boy / man. The police do not have enough evidence to prosecute the offender.   Situation 2: You save a couple of years for a renovation to your home, the contractor is a scammer. You are depriving of your money and you lose everything. Situation 3: You come from a poor family, has from childhood to saving Your lives, your mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol and your father has abandoned you. Tell yourself to always work hard so the opportunities for themselves in society and become enlarged own family and with the thoughts: "I'm doing better than my parents." You did a good job, focuses on the case and thereby actually put your family second. crisis takes place positions will be eliminated, financial problems (debts) and lack of attention, comfort, understanding, and "you are there but you are not" your wife leaves you with your 3 kids. author my daughter Princess Jansen These are everyday situation that you or me could happen and that thousands of people around the world experience every day. These are situations where we can relate to us. In all these situations, you are powerless.   Chances are therefore more that you want take the law into their own hands going to take. You trust the people and the legal system not anymore. But be wise and do not lead or mislead by emotion and try to accept the situation. Stay positive thinking and follow the fair and sensible long way. Justice will always win from evil and solve the problems. That you currently do not see. You will learn how better to handle and process. Better make that possible for you to seek to defend. Feel better and look at life in reality. In the career of your life to better understand and learn from the lessons. And the appreciation and respect of yourself spread to the maximum. Later, when you close your eyes , One last words can say, "I have lived in and with value for the future of my offspring." With respect for life and the consequences. I wish you a healthy life. Author Jan Jansen    

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